Good Work Gal Pals*

One of the most incredible things about us women is how we’ve managed to grow as a sex who can do anything. We have fought and have proudly assumed the power to make choices for ourselves, for our happiness, and for our families that allow us to showcase the brilliant minds that lie within the tops of our beautiful bodies like never before. We have aspirations, dreams, careers, and goals that make us a gender of will and determination. A gender that will see equality through. With that said, whether you define your success as a women by being the best stay at home mom, part-time proud provider, or full time female in the workplace, it’s so important that regardless of what we have chosen for ourselves that we support one another entirely.

A constant goal, among all of our other goals for success, should be setting out everyday to be a Good Work Gal Pal to our fellow Working Gals.

We need the support. We need to be the person we would want to have by our side, or behind us. Some aspire for a chance to prove themselves, some aspire for more, some aspire for consistence, but we should all aspire to be more of a better person towards one another every chance we get. At work. At home and in life.

It’s not always easy, as we are all bogged down by some sort of work that tests our patience, but a rest easy glance, smile, nod or talk with one another is better than a resting bitch face any day.

Here’s to 2017. Making the best of things. Being supportive. Being a woman of success for all.

With love, your fellow working Gal Pal,

Vittoria xoxox

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