Green with Envy




Emerald is a color that’s held a title of sophistication for centuries. It’s royal, pristine, elegant and one that shouldn’t be ignored as we head into a month filled with sultry sophistication… And that’s exactly what this post is about.

When you wear a dress this month, you’re goal is to get gals and pals, not necessarily envious, but in awe with your POP of personality, presence, and  posture with a dress that says, “I’m here. I know who I am, what I’m working with, and I like myself. I’m not to proud to hide my wonderful qualities and I’m not to proud to say I like you and I like me.”

For that we introduce to you this gorgeous emerald green stunner from Nich Boutique for $48.00 that’s JAM PACKED with sultry come hither qualities!

Geometric cuts at the top, strong lined sleeves, nice length, great darts and seams, and a zipper that slips up those sexy curves of yours… GAL PALS YOU’RE IN BUSINESS!

But what should you take away from this post titled “Green with Envy” besides the perfect Zipfactor dress that’s P4P? The fact that you should give people the pleasure of your presence. Give those haters something to hate, as you dazzle the delights of others who appreciate you, for your sense of self, color, taste, humbleness, likability, and sophistication. That’s Sophisticated September.

Stand tall. Check snobbery at the door, and just be proud in your posture caused by great fit and Pop.  You’re confidence will fill the room.

Oh! And the perfect little addition to add even more character to your emerald zip dress? The perfect pair of vintage clip on earrings… PolishedV paid $1 for them at the Medical Missions Thrift store… No one would ever know they weren’t a time piece from your grandmother’s jewelry box and an heirloom of a time where women made being sophisticated an art form. Something we now, are Green with Envy about.

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