Hearts On Fire*

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It’s amazing what a few pieces of pop can do for a dreary day… Valentines Day may be behind us but there’s a whole lot to love about red! A red coat. A red pair of shades… RED LIPSTICK! The quickest and easiest color to brighten your mood and your look is with a dose of red! And it doesn’t have to be brand new! This vintage coat I scored for pennies at a thrift shop! With it’s vibrant rich color, it’s got me feeling royal and regal, especially with the gold button details and longer length. But it’s not brand new its used! Buying thrift can really save you a whole lot of dough without taking away your queen bee confidence!

The shades were also used! These Versace shades were plucked from Closet Exchange in Willow Grove! A place where you can sell your clothes for cash and make out like a bandit on used goods just looking for a fresh set of eyes! They were $65.00 when their regular retail would have quadrupled that! And if you enjoy designers as much as I do… this flaming pair of frames would have a been a no brainer! With their unique design and color they are the ideal unique touch to any simple piece to give it major fashion life!

In short, think used clothing & accessories won’t make you feel hot? Dream in color and think again! It’s time to fall in love with Polished for Pennies’ POV… You don’t have to be perfect you just have to be polished!

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