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dsc_0906Gal Pals, you’ve followed along with me here on Polished for Pennies for five years. You’ve watched me grow up. Using fashion to tell my story and illustrate my ascent into adulthood, you were with me through every milestone. With every look, you’ve seen a glimpse into what was happening in my life at that very moment. You see how I dress for work to feel confident. You see how I dress for play to feel confident. Now you’re about to get a glimpse of how I would dress on the biggest day of my life to feel confident. My Wedding Day. dsc_0888So recently I partnered with David’s Bridal so I could share my experience of how a Polished for Pennies bride, yours truly, could feel confident, smart, stylish, and satisfied selecting “the dress of all dresses.” So let this love story begin…  dsc_0900The day you go wedding dress shopping is EXCITING! It’s the day where you get to celebrate how love makes you feel… because you’re looking for a feeling! And so you want to shop somewhere that feels special! Recently the David’s Bridal in Feasterville did a total renovation and their brand new store makes you feel like you’re in a New York showroom. I got a “WOW” feeling as soon as I entered the door. The lighting, the decor, the style drew me in and truly made me feel like “this was my day.” My special day. As each mannequin stared back at me, I felt like I was looking at pieces of art. They were special. Inspiring! Displayed to enlighten and to help me paint their blank faces with my own. So what masterpiece could I picture myself in? That was the million dollar question! dsc_0455 dsc_0453With so many designer bridal choices to sift through, I felt pleasantly overwhelmed. Taken back by so many styles, sequin, tulle, and lace I was going to need a little help. Of course I brought my number one, my mom, and upon our arrival I was also paired with a incredibly friendly and warm David’s Bridal Stylist. Her name was Hope. Taking us along a personal tour she held our attention through every twist and turn with her engaging tone. She made me feel like I wasn’t the only one looking for “the one”, she wanted to find it too.  dsc_0462With pretty much every dress in this David’s Bridal under $1800, I felt confident I could find one that spoke to my style and how I wanted to look on my wedding day. Something that felt fresh, romantic, unique, and classic… while not breaking the bank! dsc_0479Also with a touch of vintage and maybe a little color to match my ring… 😉dsc_0486So I took to their endless racks, including their clearance rack, to Shop for What Pops! Looking for what spoke to me… and trust me they did! I was particularly drawn to lace, applique details and fit and flares shapes. Hope, my personal stylist, also suggested that I should throw in something unexpected too because why not! It was my chance to try on everything! So as I turned the hooks outward to let Hope know which gowns I had chosen, I flipped a hook around on a ballgown too. Honestly, why not give it a twirl? dsc_0890Now you know I couldn’t head back to the dressing room without a few accessories! Heavy is Luxury Gals! Particularly, a few sashes and yes, even crowns POPPED! With a bridal buffet this plentiful and Polished for Pennies, I had my hands in everything! dsc_0553Now off to one of their many modern dressing rooms to find the one! Can you see that smile… I know… I couldn’t help it. There was just something about slipping on this SWG689 Galina Signature Dress that got me excited! I felt it in the mirror and it was plain to see I felt it out of the dressing room too. dsc_0579With an ivory scalloped lace over a blush toned lining, its color had me feeling that bridal glow. There was just something so electric about its romantic energy, its trumpet shaped skirt, and tiered ruffled train that had me going gaga and feeling vintage!dsc_0603It was lovely and with some added layers of sparkle from a sash… this was definitely a dress that said my name! But would I say “I do” to this decadent display of frills? Not quite yet… dsc_0654I found it so fun to experiment with a few more sashes and since their beauty was so bold, I thought why not make a statement by adorning my neck with their embellishment? I love this idea! dsc_0641 dsc_0544And with so many different style sashes to choose from, I kept going! Loving all my options and tones, I swapped my frilly lace skirted dress for another lace gown and a bunched floral sash! Except this dress was unique with its long sleeves and floral inspiration. dsc_0698This dress was also a Galina Signature, the SWG719, with an illusion neckline and a very sensual feel. The way this dress laid on my body made me feel covered in confidence, while it looked like I was slightly exposed. This really had me standing tall and feeling magical. dsc_0723Definitely another colored contender and a dress that felt like I was wearing it and it wasn’t wearing me! Making me feel like “me.” The person I want to look like most on my Wedding Day. dsc_0706 Feeling the idea of sleeves, this time I went back to the dressing room for something a little more classic. Even better, this dress was clearance! For $599 there was something so moving about this dress with its dainty feminine feel. It was simple with a button up back and lace appliques by the wrist. It was beautiful. dsc_0660And there was no better way to doll up a clearance dress than with a crown! Feeling regal, fitted impeccably, and fiscally responsible… I felt like Princess Kate! dsc_0664 dsc_0667Not quite ready to throw in the towel, I said, Okay… let’s toss up the bouquet and try on something way different! That ballgown! This dress had polish and a lot of poof with a layered tulle skirt that said it was party time! dsc_0771 Imagine swinging around all night in this dress at your reception… it’s got that Cinderella magic. With a sweetheart top and beaded bodice is was gorge, but I just don’t know if this wildcard was me… dsc_0759 Taking off that beautiful ball gown, I slipped on in to this beauty. The CWG594 Oleg Cassini satin lace strapless wedding dress. Immediately, I started playing with my hair, swaying over to the large mirrors that they have EVERYWHERE, looking at this dress in every angle. This dress was exceptional. dsc_0830Curve hugging, formal, with a satin sheen and beaded appliques this was a stunner! Talk about major Zipfactor! It was so pretty I instantly had a glittered glimmer of what I would look like at my reception. Immediately, I remembered an encrusted belt that I thought would be amazing with it so Hope grabbed it right away! dsc_0841 It wasn’t until I swept up my hair, placed the belt above the dress around my neck, and then realized… WOW! I feel like a bride. Candle light, love, happiness, and magic filled me. I had that look on my face. I was in love. dsc_0864It’s said that we “accept the love we think we deserve,” and sometimes on a budget you might feel like you don’t deserve the bells and whistles. You can’t go to that New York showroom. You can’t bask in the light of chandeliers and an assortment of designer dresses. Maybe you feel like you just can’t afford something extraordinary. But I’m telling you you can! dsc_0885 Although you’ll just have to wait to see what I’m wearing on my wedding day, I can confidently say my dress shopping experience at David’s Bridal made me feel supported and comforted by my incredible stylist. Swept off of my feet by endless styles that POP, “heavy is luxury” quality, and beautiful dresses and accessories! I was thrilled to find out they truly have what you need to look and feel like a million bucks on a few shiny pennies. To a Polished soon-to-be bride… I can rest easy knowing you’ve got my back! Thank you so much to the lovely Hope and David’s Bridal for having me share my experience and hopefully get you Gal Pals out there feeling a little hope 😉 XOXOdsc_0884

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