Here Comes the Bride*


My little baby sister, and your fellow Gal Pal PolishedC, just got married!! So before we share with you moments of the day that she celebrated on June 4th (I’m still recouping lol) I couldn’t help but share with you all a few thoughts and a few photos to celebrate the bride to be and Wedding Season! My hope is, is that if there are any other Gal Pals out there getting married that you’ll remember the most important part of this time… Letting everyone celebrate the love you’ve given so many, that you’re now giving to the love of your life. And on your big day, or as you’re planning your big day, remembering how you want to feel and how you can do it on a few shiny pennies a lot of self-confidence.  DSC_0407These are some photos of the lovely Bride to Be Cristi in gorgeous vintage gowns we spotted at Malena’s Vintage in West Chester. Cristi as you’ll see on the blog soon when with something more modern, but vintage gowns can be a bargain to shop for if you’re on a budget! They’re special, unconventional, and unique but what I loved most about these gowns are that they showcased the plain simple fact that a dress, “thee dress” should make you feel more like YOU than anything in this world. Whether you love embellishment, lace, tulle, silk, or taffeta… whether it’s $25 at a vintage shop or a few hundred or more than you’re willing to spend, when you put it on you should feel overwhelmed with happiness. Happy about the fact that you are you and you have arrived at a time in your life where love conquers all. Where love makes you feel whole. Where love makes you feel unique, special, and adored. Where love makes you not think only of yourself, but how your partner will feel when they see you.

A dress can do that, and it’s not just the dress, it’s YOU in the dress.


We were super lucky to watch that feeling overcome Cristi when looking for her dress, and even though you won’t see her dress yet, I can tell you there was no dress more perfect, more HER, more “Cristi” than the dress she walked down the aisle in.


So here are a few tips to take with you if you are searching for a bridal gown to blush in that’s Polished for Pennies:


  • Don’t just search at bridal salons! Head to outlets, off-price retailers like TJ Maxx and even Burlington Coat Factory! I found this dress at Burlington that was $1000 and spent $100 on it and it DEFINITELY could have been a bridal gown!  I wore it to Spoonful Mag’s Black Tie dinner (photos courtesy of them) just because I was dying to wear it! But keep your eyes always peeled to what can be found on the racks and right under your nose! Off Fifth, Neiman’s outlet, you name it! Sometimes potential comes when you least expect it so keep an open mind! And the best part is… no one would ever know where you got it because of how you rock it! IMG_2188IMG_2190
  • If you can or have a friend… experiment with your own hair and makeup! Youtube and every other social media platform have videos to teach you anything you want to know! So if you want to save yourself a few hundred, get a friend to help you with your hair or DIY your own hair and makeup! As a person who used to do hair and makeup for brides on their wedding day, if you are getting your hair and makeup done VOICE what YOU want to look like! Stay true to yourself and keep it simple. If a pink lip isn’t you… don’t think on your wedding day it will be! Be you unapologetically!! And with that said, you know your hair, celebrate your naturalness, whether curly or straight some hairstyles flow better with certain textures so don’t attempt anything too wild… you’ll take away from your beauty which is always the focus and the main focal point of the day!DSC_0381
  • And as much as I could go on and on… which of course there will be more bridal posts to come… Don’t forget your Polished Principles: Shop for What Pops, Heavy is Luxury, and Zipfactor! That dress of yours should be all three! Popping and pretty, have detail and quality, and perfect fit to have you feeling like a princess. Feeling ready. Feeling perfect.

Baby sis… here’s to you. Here’s to celebrating love in both of your hearts and all around you for the rest of your life, and thank you for all the love you’ve given me in mine. You sparkled on your special day. You’re like no other. I love you.



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