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I was home alone not to long ago when my family took a vacation, so I decided I wanted to treat myself to a beautiful meal. I love to cook for myself and others, and truly enjoy it. I think half the reason why I find it so relaxing is because I love to eat delicious foods, and appreciate the time I give myself to prepare it. And of course, there is nothing like the satisfaction of people enjoying your food that will keep you in the kitchen. Talk about a confidence boost! It’s the best around 😉

Craving pasta, I wanted to make Rigatoni. I saw some beautiful yellow squash at the supermarket, had onion & garlic, and received some purple basil from a close Gal Pal! Have you ever seen purple basil? Pretty cool right! Just like a new pair of shoes, once you see something new you have to have it and wear it right away! So being given some beautiful purple basil fresh from the garden, it was a pleasure to use it. It was a must!

First, I measured a bowl of pasta for myself by pouring my dried rigatoni into the bowl I was going to use to eat, and then threw it in salted boiling water. I then cut 1 yellow squash into half moons, half of an onion into slivers, and sautéed them together with one clove of pressed garlic in about 4 table spoons of olive oil.

*Gals… cooking something like this isn’t deep because it’s all about taste and sort of throwing things together in a pot and making it amazing with love. I really didn’t measure much because tasting as you go will give you the best result*

Anywho, as I let the veggies saute until soft and almost translucent, I threw in pinches of salt and pepper to taste, and a few spoonfuls of pasta water to get my veggies a little saucy. The more water you add, the less flavor it will have so be sure to keep tasting. At this point you can also add a little white wine, or even some low sodium veggie broth if you wanted to continue to add flavor with out the extra salt.

With my pasta water boiling until the pasta was al dente, I strained the pasta, then threw everyone in the pot! Tossing the pasta with the veggies, I added a bit more olive oil, some ripped purple basil, crushed red pepper flakes… then plated it up and garnished it with a good grated cheese and a sprig of fresh purple basil.

Gals, this little bowl was packed with freshness, simplicity, and piping hot home cooking that stuck to my ribs and filled me with love.

It’s the way to eat. You should eat to enjoy.

As a guy pal of mine says, “it’s nice to have a civilized meal”… meaning giving yourself a couple of minutes to sit and enjoy your meal. Eat at a beautiful table, with beautiful people, or your beautiful self and not waste precious moments of a few moments to enjoy a bowl of pasta. Or whatever!



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