How To Be Sweetly Sophisticated…

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Written By: PolishedA (Abby Rodgers, Miss Philly Outstanding Teen)

Sophistication encompasses much more than dressing the chic part. You truly exude elegance simply by handling common day situations with class and compassion. Here are some everyday scenarios where you can take the opportunity to let your sophisticated self shine!

Someone throws road rage your way…so smile, drive along, and ignore them! Why waste your precious time and good character on mean spirited people who certainly aren’t worth a second glance out of your rear-view mirrors?

Your sweet waitress works extremely hard on your order…so tip her WELL! Even an extra two dollar bills added to her tip will not only leave you feeling great after your meal but will also give her some well deserved money.

You walk through a door and see someone behind you…so hold the door open for them! It seems like second nature but is a classic example of etiquette often brushed aside in our continually bustling society. Even if you’re in a rush, that person will appreciate the small amount of time put into the friendly gesture.

Someone picks an argument with you…so take the high road and show them what they’re missing! Success is and always will be the best vengeance. Persistently pursue seeking out your dreams and you will excel in whatever you put your mind to. A web of gossip, lies, and hate coming from your rival will only lead to a bitter existence for them.

The Starbucks barista mixes up your order….so calmly forgive him! Better to laugh off a common mistake and productively get your daily hot drink fix then make a rude scene. Put yourself in their shoes: Dealing with numerous hungry and thirsty customers all at once is no simple task.

No matter what the scenario, just remember this: Carrying yourself with excellent self confidence and treating others with kindness is what it truly takes to be “Sweetly Sophisticated”. Be kind gal pals!

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