Humble Bumble Bee*


Maybe it’s just me recently, but lately I’ve felt that on a daily basis it’s easy to underestimate the influence we have on one another. Thinking that no one is watching us, hearing us, or feeling us. Thinking that the normal and average things we do, do not have power like:

  • Saying thank you.
  • Completing an assignment on time.
  • Picking up a piece of trash on the street and putting it in the trash can.
  • Posting an inspirational photo on Instagram.
  • Listening to a story. Actually listening.
  • Reaching towards the knob of a door trying to open it before someone else.
  • Making an extra anything for someone else without being asked.
  • Smiling towards the person, who maybe isn’t the nicest, but does a thankless job too.
  • Swallowing your pride. (insert personal example here ______)

These are just a few silly examples of how our attitude, or restraint of our negative attitudes, can positively affect the next person. Promoting our personal power to influence. The power, we, we everyday human beings have to simply be a good influence on one another. To put someone else first. To stop allowing the things that annoy us personally to annoy the next person by default. I’ve been guilty of this attitude a time here and a time there recently, and I know I’m human, but I’ve been realizing more and more that even a negative conversation in a car can snowball if you allow it and it doesn’t have to. I thought about that and realized I don’t want to be that person that gets things going. That negative influence. That catalyst that sparks a negative reaction that can be contagious. I want to be more positive. The humble bumble bee that keeps moving remembering that half the things we complain about really… AIN’T THAT BAD.

I want to work on being aware enough to realize that flying right is the way to go because flying left could go negative. I want to work harder to hone the my power of influence and bee the influence I, on good days, intentionally strive for.

So if you know something might sting. Flap your wings and fly higher humble bumble bee. The view from above is always more sweet.i-love-humble-people-arrogance-is-such-a-turn-off-quote-1be_humble_day you-dont-have-to-be-a-person-of-influence-to-be-influential-in-fact-the-most-influential-people-in-quote-1 humble-on-the-outside-confident-on-the-inside-quote-1


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