Give A Penny: Danielle and Kaitlyn

I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle and Kaitlyn at the Loft Style Seminar a few months ago. Just recently, I was out celebrating a friends birthday when a tap on the shoulder, lead me back to the memorable, warm, beautiful smiles of these two lovely ladies! We talked for a few moments about P4P and their recent purchases! It was so cool how they remembered “Shop for What Pops”, and told me how much they were enjoying the blog. IT MADE MY NIGHT! Thank you two for being sweet enough to come on over and pay me a compliment. By just being yourselves, I’m able to share this story of gal pals helping gal pals, and the power of a small gesture. You both are making a difference and helping me share confidence with others. Thank you gals for just being you… Polished for Pennies and Polished Perfectly in Confidence! #giveapenny

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