I Wear My *Polished Confidence on My Sleeve… Do you?

Here’s another Nail Polish to Love!

Yesterday, as I awaited a following of vacationers to push through the doors of our hotel to head to the pool, a simply styled Middle aged mommy politely held the door for me. She wore khakis, a plain t-shirt, and had a gorgeous amethyst purple manicure that caught my eye right away. Now whether this seems weird or not to some, I can appreciate a woman or anyone that has done a little something extra for themselves and doesn’t expect a compliment. Whether it’s a haircut, a new gloss, or a new nail polish, I understand the reason for those little tweaks and its because they want to feel special. I thought about this woman a little bit more by the pool, I painted the scene of her tucking her kids in bed after a long day of work and making dinner, packed them for vacation, then off she went to take a few moments at midnight to sit, relax, and paint her nails before bed. When I told her her nails looked gorge, she looked at me in shock. Wow, someone noticed, and I did. She was wide eyed. She then smiled and pleasantly thanked me. When I come across people like this, the unexpected types, I find it even more important to wear my polished confidence on my sleeve and pay them a well deserved compliment. And why not? So for all you Polished peeps out there, if you take notice of someones pretty, tell them! Paying compliments to others not only make them feel like a million bucks but you too! It shows you feel good enough about yourself to appreciate another’s beauty. And guess what? The best part of this *polished mood booster is that it’s free! Get your shine on and brighten someone else’s day by Paying it Forward Penniless ;)* Have a great one! Your cute! -V

This may have not been the brand she wore, but this was for sure the same color!  I went out and bought it for only $1.99 at my local drugstore!! Bam!  

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