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Gals, I love when we’re able to get creative with style pieces in our closets and use them in other out of the box ways! Like when you’re standing in front of your closet and your like, “hmm… this is cool… Maybe if I?….” and then BOOM! Lightbulb! This is the beauty of Polished for Pennies, and always looking at things for what they could be not for what they are! We’re stretching pennies, so being creative and testing out those interesting ideas in your head, could just be the innovation you need to kick start a confident day! Take for example, my fluffy black top! It’s actually a bolero that I turned around and now am wearing like a crop top! A little double sided tape, or a vintage pin, or few safety pins to secure it in the back and you’re in business with a brand new way to utilize a piece you otherwise would only wear one way! Loves it! I got that little bugger for under $30 at a Steinmart a while ago, but I love it and now it’s my invention makes it feel brand new!


Okay, can we talk about the floral print drawstring joggers!!! So freaking cute and irresistible… So much so I was flying out of town for work the day I spotted them, and almost missed my flight while grabbing these at the Gap at the airport!! In my defense, although slightly irresponsible, Gap was having an additional 50% off sale during my boarding, AND if you spent $75 you got $25 off! What was a Polished for Pennies Gal Pal to do??! Get the floral pants for $20 bucks of course! So I did and made my flight! 😉 But seriously, these pants are super cool for spring, breathable, and great dressed up in my bolero or down in a simple tank! Totally worth the sweaty mess I boarded the plane as! lol (DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS STUNT)DSC_0336DSC_0341 DSC_0334DSC_0350In addition to the floral pants and flip flopped bolero, I added some super cool accessories to this look like my straw hat from Marshalls for $14.99 and the floral printed black and white tote, also from Marshalls that was only $29.99! AND, that tote came with a slightly smaller insert that doubles as an over the shoulder bag! I use it now as a cosmetics bag but I LOVE when things I buy come with double the possibilities! I call that a DOUBLE BUBBLE! DSC_0330DSC_0360DSC_0355And finally I have to mention my floral white heels I got at Ross for $14.99! They are so stinking cute with the little flowers over the toes that for the price… we’re a no brainer! With POP’in prints, textures and personality it pays to infuse your style with a little Polished for Pennies inspiration and confidence! What do you think? DSC_0318DSC_0354Thoughts Gals?




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