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Working those warm rays of spring, sometimes calls for a little shoulder exposure, and we felt inspired by the ease of the coasts of Cali and the chilled out feel of  Malibu May!

Movement, ease, and style can all be one in the same without seeming lazy… and here’s how we had fun making lazy leisurely style look Polished!

Layering can work in your favor when you have the blahs, or just don’t feel like thinking too hard.*Starting with a basic tank or top,  add some magic by layering on a vest. Whether it’s crocheted, denim, floral, or leather… this cool coupling is cozy and chic. It’s also perfect for feeling the breeze of the ocean, quick winds of skate boarders on the boards, or delicate whispers of air dining al fresco to keep the chilll out. Sweettttttt.

Wherever you’re headed and have the blahs… get invested in style, and layer yourself in something that’s Polished for Pennies and practical!

Here are some more fun ways to get in-vested!

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