A New Way to Look at Grey*


I truly believe that not everything in life is black and white and if it were… or if you believe it is… is that helpful? I’m not saying I’m right, or you are, or she is or he is, but it’s an interesting thought to think about the shades of grey in life that defy logic and reason, forcing the unexplained to be examined and more importantly, to be pursued. And if that is the case, if grey moments in life force you to stick your feet in the sand of follow through with no idea where you’re going, wouldn’t grey moments in life be helpful? Maybe the most helpful? I was thinking about that last night.

I definitely have moments of certainty. We all do. I definitely have made clear cut decisions based on black and white situations. Situations where the answers came easy and reason ruled the roost, but then again what about the moments where it’s not so easy to tell apart the black or white answer. What about the grey times? The times where it seems there isn’t an answer. The times where answers seem no where to be found. The times that force you to be emotional and feel without explanation because reason seems all but lost. Where your head just isn’t making the right connections. Seems to me that grey moments are where you’re heart is being tested, and isn’t following your heart most of the time the thing that’s the hardest to explain? It can be messy, unclear, perceived to be unfocused… and really, grey?

If you know what I’m talking about, and are stuck in the grey… I will tell you that I’ve been there, maybe not exactly in your shoes, but have felt feelings that you’ve felt or are feeling now. The unexplainable and I’ll tell you… be happy things aren’t black and white. Be open to where life is going to take you and where you’re feelings will take you, even though the answer doesn’t seem clear. Be grateful for the grey in life that brings light to your heart though it feels like the darkest time of your life.

Grey keeps us aware. Grey keeps us present. Grey forces us to feel. Grey pulls our focus to our heart where logic and black and white thinking don’t get you all the time. Follow it. Follow through the grey, confusion, or uneasy unexpected and at times uncomfortable feelings. It is the unexplained, but doesn’t the unexplained create the best feelings and best surprises in life?

Maybe. At least for now looking at the grey seems a little bit more magical and that’s never a bad thing.

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