Jet. Set. GO July*

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Dance in the sun.



By the coast or the sea.


Have a seat.

Or feel the movement of your feet.



Wherever you can free your mind.

Move through life.

Run your path as it lie.

This month we inspire to… Jet. Set. Go. July.

Gals, this month we want to encourage you to get up and go out, and free your mind. Whether that’s on a vacation, a trip to a book store, a walk around your city… we want you to get yourself going! We want you to transport yourself to places that feel calming, exciting, invigorating, special, new, or even safe. But the point of this month is to jet and get yourself going… to the place you want to be! Mentally and physically. Putting yourself in places that you see yourself and are maybe afraid or apprehensive to go! Instead of thinking so much just go and pack your confidence! Then, dress fearlessly, eat decadent and exotically, drink and be merry! Feel the center of yourself as you circle the globe or even your city!

Where ya headed Gals? Take us and a Polished for Pennies attitude and let’s go!

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