Jewels and Jewels and Jewels JULY!




YAY! A brand new month of inspiration!! Gal Pals… we give you A Jeweled July*

All month long, we want you on the hunt for jewel tones. We want you to feel radiant, confident, pretty, and prissy while celebrating this gorgeous summer month in royal fashion! We want you celebrating sun-reflective color! POPS and POPS of color! POPS and POPS of luxury detail too! Whether you’re wearing an amethyst eye liner to make your bronzed glow sultry or rocking that gorgeous turquoise dress to POP a fabulous bejeweled sandal… Princess we want you shining!!!

Think color, radiance, brilliance, and shop, look, live, and feel with inspiration! Wear your crown this month gals… it’s time to REIGN!

For more fabulous inspiration…click on the icon below and check out our Pinterest board!!


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