#JuneInBloom Bud for Thought*


By: Gal Pal Kyra Nelson

I have learned quite a few things about myself in the past month. I’ve learned that I worry too much about things I have no control over; I’ve learned that patience is DEFINITELY a virtue. But most importantly, I’ve learned that you must allow things to bloom in your life without too much outside interference…including FROM YOURSELF. With just hard work, persistence and a lot of faith, you will be amazed at the way ideas, endeavors and even dreams begin to blossom and thrive in your daily life.

The truth is, we all get frustrated with certain situations from time to time. We stress ourselves out and possibly question our abilities sometimes: “Why is it taking so long for this promotion to come?” “Am I really good at what I do for a living?” “Does he really want to spend the rest of his life with me?” These are thoughts that plague us all at some point or another. So, why not just do your very best everyday, remind yourself that you DID and then, just sit back and let the seeds sprout. After wondering when it would happen and how long I might be waiting, my boyfriend proposed to me a few weeks ago on our 3-year anniversary. I had already accepted the idea of having to wait another year or so. But when I stopped concentrating on it so much, the moment came as if we had never even discussed marriage before. I was genuinely surprised and fell in love with him all over again.

So gal pals, as this #JuneInBloom comes to a close, remember that good things come to those who wait and wait long enough to pick their own flowers.

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