Kelly Kapowski, Carefree and Cropped*



Word. PolishedN loves a good jort, POP of color, and anything that brings out her fun side. Our inspiration was Cali Girl and Saved By the Bell Beauty Kelly Kapowski lol…  With all of that said, for all the ladies out there who are bold enough to bare the crop top… this post is for you! For all the gals who aren’t sure, this is for you. For all of us that think to much when we should just be having fun with our style, this is for us!! This post is about FUN!

As women, we can definitely hold ourselves back from having a little fun with our image. Why? Well sometimes we might not feel as confident, sometimes when something is new or more adventurous, we refrain… like the CROP TOP! Sometimes we fear what it could look like on us, and scare ourselves straight back to turtle neck for no reason other than fear!

So take a tip from this shoot, we shot it to show you that you can still cover up a crop top and look cool and polished!  You can still be a little bare without baring all! Sometimes a printed crop top can be a great way to add a POP through a jacket, blazer, or even tank! You don’t necessarily have to wear it on its own! Get creative! If the “less is more” style isn’t for you, then layer!

So how about it? Still thinking crop tops aren’t for you? Actually now that I think about, for the professionals out there in suiting for summer, might be a lighter way to fill the shirt gap in that blazer, without the sleeves and sweatiness lol Just sayin’

Top: Forever21 $9.80

Jorts: Abercrombie $25

Chucks: $30

Christian Dior Blazer: $5

(Kelly Kapowski Image courtesy of google 😉


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