Kicks of Color*

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Feeling that hot sun on your face in Summer… there’s nothing better… unless you’re feeling the hot sun reflect off of Dolce and Gabbana floral shades that you got for $50 bucks! Hahah That’s right my Gal Pals, feeling lux for less is right at your finger tips when you Shop for What Pops!

The inspiration behind this look was a hot white base that felt light and airy, to pair perfectly with accessories that grab attention! The white flounced sleeved top is from Target! Got that baby for under $20 dollars and with a gorgeous airy lace upper half, it’s super feminine, flirty, and fabulous paired with my crepe cream shortie shorts from Marshalls at $19.99! My hot white base is a hit dressed up or down but I wanted to feel like a sassy beach 😉 So I kicked it up a notch with lace slip ons, also from Target at $24.99, in a bold crushed orange! Comfortable and colorful they are a statement shoe for summer that will shine in your beach or city slickin’ wardrobe!

Finally the Dolce shades? Century 21 in Philly for a cool $49.99! I couldn’t believe it when I saw them! With a print so in your face, you would have thought the price tag would force you to turn your eyes away, but a Polished for Pennies Gal Pal is never intimated by designer quality, because she knows she can find it for less! So with a flip of the price tag I was skipping to the register. My savings on those shades was $130 bucks! And with an investment like that… Dolling up your summer dress, denim, or bathing suit can be done in a snap! Consider them  your summer smize enhancer, and consider this look one that will sky rocket your self confidence!

What do you think Gals?

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