Let’s Dish! My Must Have POP Piece… The Wrap*

Gal Pals, I love sharing my little tricks with you that make dressing stylish on the reg easy peesey with pieces that POP! So a piece of pop you should have in your closet is one of my go-to’s! The wrap! A long sleeved and longer knit or cotton stretch that can be stretched around your waist or your shoulders in a pinch! Why is that so important? Well for me, I can sometimes do two stories a day on TV that take me into two different locations, and I like to switch up my look. Using a wrap I can achieve a different style in a flash either wrapping it around my shoulders or waist. I take a wrap with me almost every day to work, even if it’s tied to my work bag. You may have seen me in this one before, but the one I’m using in this post is from Marshalls and I got it for $19.99! It’s cozy and chic, and the fuzzy texture makes a nice statement. I know this might seem like a no brainer but sometimes we omit the obvious out of frustration when getting ready for work. This little tip goes a long way to help you remember that great style confidence is right under your nose! :0) What’s your go to piece for transforming a look from work to play?

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