Look Up. Smile Back.


There were two times this week where I had to stop and stare at the moon. It’s been so full and the sky so clear in Philadelphia this month. The moon has been stellar. Perfect. Round, bright, and the beacon of hope among all the stars carrying the dreams of sky-gazers like me. It’s like I forgot about it… it’s beauty was so striking.

I noticed the moon the first time this week walking back from taking the trash out. I looked up at it, and the light from it’s face twinkled in my eyes, as I squinted to find it’s smile. There he was. The man in the moon. I smiled back. I then closed my eyes to remember it’s beauty then took a deep breath. To feel it through my soul. To feel the light of the moon on my face and the stillness of life under my feet that I don’t far enough make enough time to feel. To feel for 5 seconds… peace. Still in a moment of beauty and happiness. In short, perfectly present. Present and feeling that life and I are just fine 🙂

5 seconds of peace came from taking out the trash lol. Who knew.

That’s the beauty of life sometimes, that at the most unexpected moments, it makes you forget thinking, and just makes you feel something good. For me it was the moon, for you maybe today it was your first sip of coffee, or the breeze coming through the window. The smile a stranger gave you, the warm sheet on your bed, or that morning smiley emoji from a friend. That’s the feeling of the moon all over again. Feeling the present goodness that life gives us each day. It’s those little things that carry happiness, little things that we need to stress more, and forget less.

With that said, it made me think of how many unexpected things and moments make us feel so much, so many good things, when we just allow life to happen naturally. Between you and me, that’s something I want to focus on more. That’s something I want to work at to better myself and life. Polish up about myself if you will. I want to work on the confidence I have in myself to know that sometimes my mind carries me into an uncertain future but happiness and goodness happens everyday in the present, and I’ve got to trust that all is well and will be okay. I can find that in the little moments. From that glance at that moon, it made me believe that a life lived in the present is the way to appreciate what we have. All those beautiful little things and worry less about the future. That due date, that meeting, that challenge. Those things aren’t going anywhere, but cross the bridge when you get there. In the meantime… look up at the moon. Dream Big. Worry less. Trust more. Live in the present and strengthen the certainty in our sometimes uncertain heads that our hearts know that we’ll be just fine. Our hearts feel happiness living in the littlest things. Look up. Smile back.


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