Looking For a Gift That Pops? How About a Happy Vase*

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Looking for a gift that POPS? I spotted this beautiful Vase at Homegoods for $12 and I have to be honest I bought it just because it made me happy. It POPPED. It triggered that warm fuzzy feeling of colorful joy and I have a feeling it would do that same to any Gal Pal who loves color! In a gorgeous water color treatment this glass piece of art would be a perfect gift for any hostess who loves flowers, loves art, appreciates color, and needs a boost of pleasantness that sometimes can only be sparked through making eye contact with something beautiful. This is that.

It’s practial. It’s painted art. It’s Polished for Pennies… It’s a no brainer for anyone who is looking to brighten the day of someone they love and care about. Sometimes we have to be the people to bring a rainbow to others when they’re day seems a little cloudy and even when it’s not cloudy bringing a rainbow to a party is always a good idea.

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