Lois Lane to Super Woman in a SNAP



TA DA! The quick change can be a gal-on-the-go’s best friend when it comes to ditching your office wear for something a little more marvelous for night! Taking inspiration from our #takeactionaugust theme, this is the Clark Kent version of a Superwoman switch that’s done in seconds!

Starting simple! Select a dress that ‘s a one hit wonder. The dress that has Zipfactor. The dress that fits like a glove and could stand on it’s own. Starting with a monotone, clean lined dress, that fits, is the perfect canvas to play off of for the ol’ switcheroo. What’s the beauty of this step? You barely have to think about how to dress it up. Sometimes prints and patterns are AWESOME, but other times it’s easy to spend more time than necessary trying to accessorize and style rather than making a little breakfast for yourself to supercharge your morning. You’re a gal on the go… “ain’t no body got time for that!” For PolishedV’s look, we went with a strapless lime green dress, that’s simple yet sophisticated. The length of the knee is super appropriate and the fit and color adds to its appeal. It POPS but still has a polished purpose for the office!

Since we’re headed to work, we decided to button it up a little in an H&M two button blazer for $20! It fits and flares over the hips to add that feminine touch without looking too frilly for the work place. Nothing beats a great fitting blazer, and if you don’t have one, GET ONE… It’s professional, versatile, and P4P!

And guess what Gals, we’re almost done! Two pieces down and only two more to go for a work look that POPS! Finally, we added a super classy pair of patent ankle strap points from Sole Society, that straighten your posture and add polish and personality! And lastly, a cool pair of specks!

*If you don’t wear glasses, or already have glasses, a simple watch, ring, or pair of studs would be just fine!

NOW FOR THE SWITCH! Ditch the jacket and shades…


… Add a waist belt to enhance your womanly shape and match your shoes. Let that bun down, add a pop of a lip, AND AWAY YOU GO~!


What makes this switch work and look like a Million Bucks? Clean lines, smart thinking, classic silhouettes, POP, fit, and confidence. You can look great all on your own even on the go, and in seconds!

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