I know I’ve been a little light on posts this week Gals, but Pope Francis has taken precedent at the moment. Both at work at CBS Philly and really just in life. Events like this force you to sit down and pay attention to our world, and what we could be doing better. It makes us aware. Fortunately today I woke up, grabbed my coffee and couldn’t help for my attention to be grabbed by Pope Francis’ address to Congress and the tears that rolled down Speaker of the House, John Boehner’s face. There was a message there for me and I wonder if you were aware of it to?

That moment made me think of Pope Francis’ message of love and compassion. It made me think of how as humans we all need to feel hope and love to feel worthy. To feel important. To feel inspired to live and keep living beyond our daily struggles. To keep on keeping on. To believe in something bigger than us. To believe in a journey of teachings that ultimately have  a reason yet don’t have a roadmap.

Each and every one of us bears a personal cross that can’t be seen and a road that needs to be traveled, and those tears that rained from Boehner’s eyes were a reminder for me of how each of us need to feel something to give us hope. And that something is love. That something is love from our God, our partners, and from ourselves. I think he felt that love from Pope Francis at that moment and couldn’t help to be moved by it’s power. That’s only what I believe to have happened, but regardless, the message that I felt was that Love is what we need to project to all, all who walk around, just like us, needing to feel the same thing.

Let us all be moved to tears by the kindness and love that others show to us and that which we show to others.

Let us, even if you aren’t Catholic or religious, be inspired by the unconditional love that is out there to give and to feel and let’s love harder and more often.

Thank you Pope Francis for being a symbol of love and making me more aware today than I was yesterday of how love effects us all, and how love is all you need.


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