Magical Stripes


So PolishedC is our helpful Style Director, and my beautiful sister, here at Polished for Pennies, and her initial reaction to this Disney Mickey Mouse top for $7.99 that POPPED to me from Marshalls was… “Tor are ya kidding me, no one over the age of 7 wears Disney tops, especially not a 27 year old!” Well sis… here’s what I say! DON’T HATE! GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!!! DSC_0250-2 DSC_0257 DSC_0249So I decided to take that Disney top, and show her! lol The worst thing you can do is tell a Polished for Pennies Gal Pal that something can’t be done, so I grabbed this top and transformed it into something that, atleast I think, is chic and almost Parisian inspired with a black and white color palette and artful illustrations! DSC_0202The first thing I really noticed that inspired the direction of this look was the black brushstroke stripes on the t-shirt. I loved it’s artsy feel and decided to mimic those imperfect stripes with a striped silk black and white jacket from Marshalls for $49.99, and water colored black and white shorts from Marshalls for $12.99! DSC_0213-2DSC_0190To accentuate the POPS of color in Mickey’s outfit… I added a neon two toned acrylic glitter clutch from Nordstrom Rack that cost around $25 that I got on clearance. Lady Danger, MAC’s  rockin’ red -orange lip color that picked up the perfect color in Mickey’s shorts, and my shoes… well scroll down…DSC_0246 DSC_0227My shoes are painted wedges by Nine West that I scored at DSW for under $20 last year!! I’ve been DYING to wear them, and because of Mickey’s being being that of a delightful animation, these wedges were the perfect way to show my art appreciation! DSC_0208To me, this look is fun, colorful, and shows that living in magical and inspired style can be timeless and should be celebrated at every age! But I think Walt said it best…

“That’s the real trouble with this world… too many people grow up!” -Walt DisneyDSC_0197il_fullxfull.242720973

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