#MakeoverMarch: Add Glamour even if your just Getting Ready

Who says, you have to run around in those Pink sweatpants and Tshirt while your getting ready? Why not make it glam… A robe is an effortless way to feel pretty, and makeover the idea of dressing. It actually exudes the quality of a dress making you feel more feminine, pretty, and girly which are all GOOD THINGS when you’re going out! Why? Well, because we should feel proud that we are women and get to play dress up. But this idea isn’t make believe, its a fact when you feel good you look good, when you look good you feel good! 


And in addition to throwing on a beautiful robe, make your room, bathroom sink, vanity, dresser, or makeup area one you want to be in. One, that exudes the feelings of how you want to feel… Pretty, Poppy, Sassy, sophisticated, sweet, or maybe sultry. Sometimes it’s not about setting a mood for someone else, it’s about doing it for yourself! 

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