*Mixing Peplum

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I had a thought… So I bought this pink peplum skirt at Banana Republic for under $20 and have been meaning to get it taken in to fit just right… Well! As you know things come up, minutes go by, and that great idea you had is now collecting dust in the back of your mind until the day you need the pink skirt! Surprise, surprise… that’s exactly what happened on the day I went to grab it off my clothing rack!

I decided to wear it anyway, and just give it a roll at the top to bring the length where I wanted it, and make it fit a bit more snug at the waist without the trip to the seamstress. Now picture this, I have on my rolled pink skirt, which is bunched and bulky, but still needed something to cover it up without seeing the bulge! So then I thought what about Peplum on the top too??

Then the idea was born! Why not try mixing a little peplum on peplum? Why not when you’re in a pinch, don’t pull out the frustration, pull out a solution and try to make it work!

In this case, we thought it was a cool thought or trick, to use peplum on the top and bottom as a fun, stylish way to hide the bulge and get creative! *No one has to know!

What are your thoughts on mixing peplum on the top and bottom?


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