Mother’s Day? Put A Ring On It!

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Looking for the perfect Polished for Pennies gift that WOWS on Mother’s Day but only costs a few pennies of your hard earned dough? How about a set of elegant napkin holders for the Mom who loves to entertain and make her home and guests feel pretty as she plays hostess! A thoughtful gift like this shows that you appreciate her attention to detail, her sense of style, and the fact that you see how hard she tries to plan the perfect get together for her friends and family. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. Gal Pals, you can find beautiful rings in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and embellishments that are under $30! Heck, if you run to the sale rack at Pier One I bet you can find them cheaper than $4 a piece! The idea here is to search for that ring that represents your Mom’s style. Whether it’s girly, artsy, blingy, or floral… a gift like this can be suitable for any guest! What’s even better, sometimes you can find the rings so cheap you can splurge on a set of cloth napkins, or place mats as a bonus! Set a budget and work it! Trust us… you can *polish any financial situation on Pennies!

*Tip: If you feel there are too many options, think of the colors in the house and try to match her style that way. Regardless, this gift is thoughtful, because no matter what you choose… you thought of what SHE would love.

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