My New Black Boot*


You know what I love about us gals? I like that we like nice things. I like how we work hard. I like how we know we can still have nice things even if we don’t have a lot. I like us. I like our attitude and I also like those few far and in between moments where we treat ourselves. We  just let ourselves give in because we must, or else we suffer from major buyer’s remorse, therefore… I give you my new black boot… my Nouveau November splurge! Meet a new member of the family, Ailee. Birthed by the amazingly great Michael Kors!

Now take a sec and look below… Yup! The retail price of these boots stripped right off the Michael Kors website says $350.00! Now you seriously don’t believe that Ms. Polished for Pennies splurged that much!? No offense Mr. Kors but Sallie Mae needs to get paid this month lol! But I did score these boots at TJMaxx on clearance for $110.00! That’s more than half off!

They had POP, they had ZIP, and so I deemed it necessary to take them home and share her first photos with you today!

Moral of the story? Be smart, splurge when necessary (if it’s not outrageous so you can pay your bills), Shop For What Pops, and be good to yourself. You deserve it!~



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