My Woody*

2. As much as I dislike the Round-a-bouts and U-bies in the Garden State (traffic wise), I’m a Jersey Girl at heart when it comes to my hair. I like it Plump, I like it Fierce, and I like to Tease the crap out of it! (However the “broads” on Jerseylicious take it to a bit of an extreme, but I love them no less!) There is something about big hair that makes me feel more voluptuous and sexy, and it’s a great confidence booster if you want to sass up your look for a night out, or just for yourself on one of those lazy days when your looking for something to do.

I’ve tried a couple different tools to achieve this look in the past: plastic combs, plastic picks, and even attempted to use a plastic curled brush (not my best moment… really, really bad idea. I almost had to cut it out of my hair!). Yet, after much trial and error nothing compares to the must have *Polished Product I found in a random beauty store for Pennies! It’s my “Woody” and costs under 5 BUCKS! HELLO!. Get your head out of the gutter, it’s a thin, wooden brissel brush that looks like a tooth brush for a fairly large grin. Nonetheless, it’s sturdy, durable, and the way the brissels attach and release from your hair creates the best platform for extentions, and a great start to High Volume Style! …They can be found at your local beauty store or Online, the one pictured below is from Amazon.com

After you’ve prepped your hair, separate it into sections the same way you would if you use an at home box dye. The best way to think about it is to divide your hair into four quarters and then use the pointed end of the Woody, starting at the top of your quarter (the top center of your head), to slice through in a straight line to make another section that’s about the size of hair you would select to curl your hair with a curling iron. Then, take your section straight to the sky, use a spritz of hairspray, and use the brissel end of the Woody to pull through your hair mid-way to bottom while still holding your hair at the tip. You should still be holding a portion of your hair after your done, do not pull all of your hair down because then you’ll look crazy. Repeat with each section and then softly smoothe out your sections. Finally curl as usual with a curling iron!

The point of teasing is to create texture and height, and this brush is the perfect way to do it without having to drop bills visting the Gatsby Salon in NJ! lol… So take a tip, tease it up and FEEL THE SASS! Tune in tomorrow for another tip on saving money on top shelf hair products! …..p.s You’re Cute  -V

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