Need a New Outfit? Have a New Perspective!

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There comes a moment in every Gal Pals life where she stares into the abyss of her closet and she stands still. She doesn’t move. She keeps staring. Her clothes staring back at her and she thinks, ” I have nothing.” (deep sigh)

Well, at Polished for Pennies, we believe you ALWAYS have something. You have a beautiful mind and you just need to get out of your head and get your hands dirty! You need to have confidence that what you already own can still be fantastic with a little creativity! Gal Pal you have the power to take anything and shine it up…so take a few items that you haven’t worn in a while, and maybe another item you love and develop your style this Nouveau November!

This outfit above is a BCBG dress I wore two Easters ago. It’s got a cool interesting shape and fun print, so I paired it with a sheer black and leather Lucy Paris top that you might recognize from Oh La La October! But this cool mix of hard and soft, spring and fall, with the addition of a black leather belt, some metal accessories and leather Sole Society booties...  just goes to show that your mind has some great ideas!  You just have to bring them to life! Have confidence that what you’ve got is great and you’ll be a style star on the reg!

P4P Tip: Grab a few items in the same color family, no matter the seasonal tone, and lay them out on your bed so you can see them. Then, look at them and assemble them in your head… let your mind wander! Grab some accessories and shoes and keep playing. I bet something will come about!

*Also, if planning for the next day, play dress up the night before so you’re prepared! I even love doing this if I have some extra time on the weekends!

Jump in your closet and share with us how you’re reinventing your style wheel with what you already have! Share it with us on @instagram and tag @polishedforpennies!

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