No more Blah Brows!

My heart really goes out to those fuzzy little critters above our eyes, that so many people neglect and let run wild! Our EYEBROWS!!! I never feel like I have a *Polished Face of Make-up unless my brows are shaped and accentuated! That’s the giveaway gals! Paying attention to the details of your face, appreciating what you have been blessed with, and working to highlight your features are key to a face of fierceness, confidence, and polish! Be proud of who you are and who’ve you become, so do yourself some justice and steer clear of the tweezer abuse! (Unless your taking care of those strays in the center… Yike-O Frow!) Otherwise allow them to take their own shape and simply brush them through. Messy brows are the worst, and the whole “I just woke up and rolled over” look may be cool if your off that day, but not a good look at work if you want people to address you as a professional. And my tip for great brows literally takes seconds but makes a world of difference.

There is one product under $20 that I can not live without when it comes to basic brows and the best part is that it’s lasted me for months! The reason being, you only need one sweep over each brow to keep those bears in place! It’s the Jane Iredale Brow Gel that comes in various colors based on your hair color for around $16 dollars. It’s easier to use than powder and looks so much more natural than some pencil applications. I use the Brunette, because even though I may be a natural blonde (haha, that’s funny), I do like the contrast of my roots and highlights so I stick with the darker color.

Here’s how I apply: After opening the tube, I first push the access off of the brush (it’s entire 360) back on the center of the tube to adjust how much product I am using. I usually only have to use one dip for both brows. I then gently graze each brow with tiny vertical motions upward in the natural direction of the brow shape with the gel, being careful not to press the gel on my skin. I make sure not to use to much pressure because then I’ll end up with way to much product on my face and it will look way over done and too dark. (*If you do happen to do that, you can always start over or use a toothbrush or regular brow grooming brush ($1) to brush through them to remove the extra. I have a brow brush pictured below. The bristle side is for brows, the comb side is for Mascara Clumps in case your not familiar with that tool.)

And really that’s about it! … I do want to say, I know some women fear brow enhancing make-up techniques, but I’m telling you… Give it a whirl and see the difference it makes in framing that gorgeous face of yours 😉

For under $20 Dollars you’ll have perfectly defined brows in seconds for days! I found this little beauty strolling through Old City Philadelphia when I stopped in awe of the peering chandelier that hung in Moko Salon and Spa on 3rd and Race! But you can also find it online and in many other beauty locations.

Punch up your *Polished POV and Have a great day… Hey! Your Beautiful!

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