Nouveau Noshing for Buck Bucks*


Entertaining in my mind should never feel like a chore, it should be something that’s enjoyed and even relaxing. So how do you make it easy on yourself? Go somewhere and get inspired! The other day I decided to stop off at a Dollarstore… I do this often. Why? Well for starters dollar stores are awesome for using your creativity and they always surprise me! On top of that… IT’S A DOLLAR STORE WHERE EVERYTHING IS A DOLLAR!  lol So that means it’s cheap but being selective and using your eye for potential can make even the most random items chic and thoughtful!

This time in particular I found these gorgeous blue painted plates with a rustic brown rim. As soon as I saw them I thought the color POPPED and it just made me think of a warm meal… I don’t know why but I was inspired. What meal did I have in mind? Well after last week’s pick me up post, I decided warm chicken and waffles with my own personal twist! So one could say we’re getting a delicious Buck Buck chicken meal for a few bucks! Was that joke awful? lol


Anywhooooo, for the table I used some beautiful cloth napkins from Marshalls for $3.50 for a pack of 4, some pink raffia found at the dollar store, vintage glasses for OJ, and fresh flowers of course! But that’s not it! I thought of the cutest idea for place cards! At the dollar store I walked by these little owl stones and thought, “Oh they’re cute!” But then it hit me, place cards! I could use a white board marker to write the names and wipe the names off to re-use them again and again!! HOW FREAKING COOL GALS! See the beauty of inspiration!

OH Omg and I totally forgot the table! The table cloth I got at Homegoods for $16.99. It’s bright yellow and warm texture was perfect, but that’s not it! As you scroll down, you’ll notice my hat matches the table. Yup, I used my scarf as a table runner… tricky tricky and P4P!


Next it was time for the menu! So I found the BEST fried chicken recipe from Grandbabycakes.com! I’m not kidding, it was easy and by far the best chicken I’ve ever made! I opted for chicken breasts rather than bone in. I also went with a boxed waffle mix, and for my own personal twist added some canned pumpkin to give my meal an even more autumnal twist! If you do do this, a cup of pumpkin should do the trick! They came out great~

DSC_0367  DSC_0383DSC_0428

In addition to the usual butter and syrup toppings, I put a few toppings out to add even more delights to nosh on like sweet pecans and pomegranate seeds. So Nouveau and tasty!

DSC_0445DSC_0452 DSC_0456

In short… it was amazing. And for only a few bucks for the table and meal… that’s Polished for Pennies!

DSC_0461 DSC_0463

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