Nouveau November

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Gals it’s time to ARRIVE! By definition “nouveau” can mean a few things : modern, up to date, newly arrived, developed… and I thought about all those words and came to the conclusion that aren’t we all waiting for the moment to arrive? To feel that we are here, strong, now, in the present, confident,  centered, and proud of who we are, where we’ve came from, and what we’re doing? Don’t we all want to feel like that? Don’t we all want to dress proudly, live proudly, and feel proud in our own skin? Don’t we just want to know our destination sometimes? I know I do and I hope you do to! I hope we both can take this month to keep working more confidently to reach our arrival even if it isn’t clear or easy. Our arrival being our destination of feeling a true sense of self and self-confidence. It’s so easy to lose that feeling when we sometimes look at our situation a little lack luster. No matter what situation you’re living in personal or professional, at times, more than none, we feel our moment of arrival will never come. Or we feel that man, who am I right now, where was I, where did I go, and now where do I want to go? We’ve got to figure that out Gals! We’ve got to keep going, walking, strutting, stomping, talking, screaming, yelling, shouting, working, dressing, living and doing everything we can to arrive where we see ourselves. Where we want to be. There is no other option. There is no plan B.

So take this month to continue to make steps to arrive… in style, in life, in feeling self-confident and proud of the things you can create and the potential you have in yourself to create destinations.

Nouveau November a month of developing the spirit of confidence and arriving everywhere in style.

And as always, “You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be Polished”

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