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Gals, I can’t even tell you what it means to me to have YOU along side us during this super special time for Polished for Pennies. WE HAVE BEEN MADE INTO A STYLE SERIES ON ULIVE.COM! I know, FREAKING OUT!! It’s all about the fun of fashion for us Gals with an appetite for style and chicness even if Sallie Mae and student Loans are draining our bank accounts and sucking the life out of us lol. Or maybe you do have a little extra cash cushion, more power to ya, but P4P can still show you how to shop smarter and with more savvy to get the most bang for your buck and develop your personal style!

Basically Gals, as we always say, it comes down to confidence. Allowing the BEST you to show through at all times no matter your sticky situation, and my hope with our new series is that you will see our principles come to life, find inspiration through our fashion, and most importantly empowerment through each episode. Just like the blog, it was created three years ago to show you that you’re not alone. You’re not alone in this big ol’ world trying to find, refine, and define yourself. We are too and we can navigate this life together with friendship, style, and creativity on pennies. We want to be there with you, strutting along side the best YOU you can be! And now our ideas and posts are coming to life!

Shot in Philadelphia, my hometown, I wanted the set to feel polished not perfect. I wanted it to have LIFE, POP, COLOR, and of course show that a space can still be chic even if you’re debt deep! I wanted it to feel like home. Our home. So each episode you’ll notice frames of family photos, photos you may have seen on blog! Of me, my sisters, and guess what?! In a few episodes you’ll even a notice a few cameos by some of my family members!

There is so much to look forward to and man do I feel so lucky to have you all here supporting us on this new adventure.

I feel like the richest Gal in the world and that my friends is… Polished for Pennies! Here are a few photos from our first episode and you can find the FULL FIRST EPISODE OF POLISHED FOR PENNIES HERE “3 Fab Fashion Tips to Make Vintage Fashion Work for You – See more at:” 

We can’t wait to show you more!

Stay Polished,

Vittoria Xo


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