Oh HEY! You Value Vixen you…

Gal Pals, if there’s one thing I hope you always take with you when you #shopforwhatpops is that VALUE is always what we’re looking for! Sure, you can hop on and off the trend train season to season but what you’ll notice is that because they are “trend items” you’ll wear them a few times and then eventually they’ll fall back into the closet so deep that years later you’ll dig it out because you forgot about it! (Which can sometimes be fun like finding money in your jeans lol) But when a trend fades and the next trend comes alive in magazines or IG your inspiration shifts… What you once “couldn’t live without” shifts to a goodwill bag and you’re then on to a new fashion frontier!

Now I should say there’s nothing wrong with loving what comes next in fashion! Inspiration is all around us! And we should soak it in! However, when you want to respect that bank account and the money in it trend pieces can cause a million tiny paper cuts to your dollars and as far as your closet… builds bulk which will eventually has you shedding those layers every season. Which if I could paint you a visual… looks like a coat of dollars shedding it’s fur.

So let’s talk value. In short, my belief is that VALUE equals QUALITY. You work your butt off for that money you stack so when you wear it, it should breathe strong like your work ethic! Now that doesn’t mean you should be blowing your paycheck on the finest designers… I’ve found the finest designer items in thrift stores for a freaking steal! So it’s really how you use that beautiful brain of yours to have your cake and eat it to! Case in point, look below at the photo and study it.

What do you see? Well here’s what I hope you see… 

  1. A well recognized designer, Emporio Armani, that’s not out of reach. Here we see quality, shape, and vision at a fraction of it’s retail.
  2. A timeless and impressive fall/winter pump that can be dressed up or down with details that POP like laces and a red cap toe to die for! 
  3. REAL LEATHER composition. 
  4. An EXTRA 30% off of that fraction of a retail price peeking out in yellow that is sure to sweeten that shopping cart! 

So what’s the value in all of this? For your shiny pennies, you’re getting everything you want! You’re getting a piece that will feed your fashion craving for style but you’re also getting VALUE! Which will have something like these not only making you stand taller but stand smarter!

That’s Polished for Pennies! Mix those brains with a heart of gold and raging self confidence you’ll feel your value… which is priceless. 

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