Oh La La The Sweater Dress*

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Since I’m a believer in shopping anywhere, whether it’s a department store, boutique, thrift store, or discount retailer… I try not to focus so much on the name of something, but more so on how it feels, what it looks like on me, and of course price! Well, this sweater dress, which is nameless because it had no labels, fit every box on my checklist and that’s why even though it had no name it was worth the $29.99 I paid for it at Jomar! With Heavy is Luxury feel, pretty button details that POPPED, and some major Zipfactor fit, it was so Polished for Pennies!

I love the idea of a snug fitting sweater dress to amp up the Oh la la factor for this month. It’s seasonal, comfortable, and is so easy to throw on and automatically look polished! Whether you’re keeping it relaxed by adding some boots, or turning up the volume with a pair of heels… a sweater dress will tip your style meter over the sexy scale and have you feeling like a woman!

I found all of these on Victoria Secret for $50 or less!

dress 5

dress 3 dress 4 dress

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