P4P in LA with Marshalls! Look#1 (Video)


Gals! All I can say about my recent trip to LA working with Marshalls is well… I’m speechless! lol Just look at that face! Freaking speechless! I was in heaven! It’s one thing to do what you love, but it’s something completely different to be noticed by a brand you so truly believe in and be asked to work with them. For me that brand is Marshalls, and it’s been such a treat to be apart of 25 other bloggers around the country as a part of their “Project Fab” group of Marshalls enthusiasts! So, the invitation to shoot some commercial work with them was like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket to the candy factory! I mean really… put a girl like me in any Marshalls and it’s the same feeling! So here was my challenge: find super stylish spring time looks under $100 and $125 that are perfect for a sunny day of leisure and a spicy summer night out! SWEET!  You know me Gals, I love a good challenge! So, prior to the trip, I spent a few days of prep shopping my local Marshalls stores and scouring to find the best goodies to ROCK in their Blogger Challenge Videos! Yes, I went to the one in South Philly, Willow Grove, Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia Mills, and Downingtown. I mean… I had to check them all in my area and really… that route is sort of a normal Saturday for me 😉 But let’s get started with a peak of my “Spring Look for Under $100” video below!! You’ll see first my entrance look and that’s the look I’ll be breaking down today!

DO YOU LOVE IT!!! Okay… I’m dying… So let’s break this shopping look down! I first selected a gorgeous blue linen wrap with multi-colored tassels that had major POP for $19.99! I saw it at the store in Philadelphia Mills, and just thought it had such California rhythm, so that’s where I was inspired. I wanted to look cool, casual, and like I was breezing around with California Dreaming tunes in my head drinking kale juice! It’s amazing how a scarf can be a total inspiration piece.


I added a great pair of distressed skinny jeans from Marshalls for $19.99, that had great Zipfactor and quality that shocked me by the sticker price. A white linen top for $19.99 that made this look easy, breezy, simple, and perfect for spring time shopping through any city! I just loved this wrap though in particular and really feel like it adds that special chic touch that won’t cost you a fortune! Also, I like the idea that for summer it can double as a wrap for my swimwear! DOUBLE BUBBLE!


Super sweet shades, gold dainty accessories and a cement colored leather Marc Jacobs bag… HELLO! I was feeling super LA casual yet “Housewives” glam 😉 Which can I tell you the house we shot in over looked a part of Cali called Tarzana… and I couldn’t get enough of the view. That view alone feels like you’re being spoiled, especially through red framed shades that were super cute!


Finally, to one of the coolest pairs of affordable wedges I’ve ever seen… These multi-colored foiled confetti wedges that POPPED at the Marshalls store in B-Hills! Saw these while we had some time to do some shopping on the fly are they are so light, which makes them super comfy and perfectly polished for shopping!  By the way even though they weren’t  “heavy” they were still lux with soft velvety leather for and a delicious price of $59.99!


So I hope you enjoyed my first look from my Marshalls shoot!! Comment below and let me know what you think, what you’re feeling, and what you’re loving?! And be on the look out for the next post in this “P4P in LA with Marshalls” series that breaks down Look #2: My Daytime Look for under $100!

Btw: Shout out to Liz Marie Blog and D. Garsh for snapping these photos for me! 😉


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