Memorial Day Denim*

It’s finally here! The kick-off to summer and you are SO ready to let your hair down, feel the breeze over your bikini, and the hot sun in your face! Uh thankfully! So, you’re thinking, “denim Vittoria?” Yeah… It’s JEANIE MAY! Light-weight denim wide leg trousers is pretty much what I’m thinking! Yessss. Super cool. Super […]

Where to Shop for What Pops? GiGi’s Consignment!

Gal Pals… Welcome to Gigi’s! Holy Moly… can I just say that Gigi’s Consignment Boutique is one of those places that creates an experience, and for Gal Pals like us who appreciate luxury even on pennies, we never EVER want to skimp on an experience because of the size of our bank accounts. Experiences of a full […]

A Black In-Vestment*

Gals, if I can influence you to purchase one style piece at the moment, that will give you structure, style, and polish in an instant, it would be this in-VESTment from Marshalls for $29.99! If you haven’t guessed I’m talking about the black tux-inspired vest that’s weight is Heavy with Luxury. That has amazing Zipfactor fit without the […]

Jean with Envy*

So honestly, I’m a little mad at Colie right now. We were at Marshalls not too long ago and unknowingly, as we Shopped for What Popped, picked up the same jeans in different sizes off of the rack. Hers was the size I needed that I thought they didn’t have and she got lucky in the dressing […]

A Weird Mix of Prints (In a good way)*

  I was watching a video of Justin Timberlake accepting The Innovator Award at the IHeart Radio Music Awards on Facebook the other day. His acceptance speech was awesome. He talked about weirdness. How weirdness and being weird is nothing but creative and creative people being who they are because they’ve got ideas. How we should never […]

Heavy Is Luxury Bag $34.99!

Gals this is just a quick post to show you what Heavy is Luxury is ALL about! If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s one of our Polished for Pennies shopping principles for finding quality, well-made goods that have weight which signify better craftsmanship! We never like to waste our pennies on junk. That’s […]

A New Take on Your Old Work Skirt!

   It really doesn’t take much Gals to add flare and style to that old skirt top combo when you want to take your work wear up a notch. I’ve had this skirt for years! It’s an oldie but goodie I keep in my closet because it’s comfortable, has a clean straight shape and a […]

Happy Hour Style @PSquare (The Cosmo)

    When you’re looking to POP after a long day at work and you’ve got plans to be Polished at P Square this Thursday night, with a hankering for a $5 Cosmo… here’s a SUPER simple solution: COSMO COLOR! That’s right! Infusing your after hours style with a bright colored lip and statement coat will have you […]

Fearless Working Gal*

        Gals! So we kind of did an ambush makeover on the Sonesta Hotel Philadelphia Hotel Manager, the beautiful Melissa!! Now, please note she was killing it regardless in an all black outfit, with fitted blazer and killer booties but I was over come with the idea so of course I had to ask!! […]

Fearless Sweetheart*

This Valentines Day Gals, lets talk sweethearts! Sweet necklines that bubble right at the bosom in a feminine yet sophisticated way, could be the perfect shape to get you feeling warm, fuzzy, and fearless on Vday! On my beautiful cousin Gabriella, we found this fantastic, multicolored sweetheart dress, with a frilly waist that was $20 at the […]

Goodwill Gone Blushing*

   Gals I’m not kidding… Ya walk into a Goodwill… Ya Shop for What Pops… You ignore the voices in your head that tell you, “you won’t find anything” and then it happens. “IT” POPS! That’s how it happens Gal Pals. Anytime. Anywhere. Every time. When you go into a store, Goodwill or other, with […]

Blushing Snow White

Not gonna lie… I’ve been DYING to show you Gals this look! PolishedC is rocking an all white style in winter that is giving us some major Beverly Hills Housewives star, Yolanda Foster lol! Gals, like seriously… how chic!! PolishedC is already super glam, but we wanted to take her over the top with an all white […]

Blushing Prints in the Snow*

   I never like a stereotype that says florals or POPPING prints are just for spring and summer play! I mean when you’re Polished for Pennies, sometimes you’ve got to break into that closet of yours and use EVERYTHING, no matter the seasonal flare,  to get out of the “I have nothing to wear today” […]

Blush, Black, Snow, and Gold*

     What’s blush, black, gold with snow all over? A Polished for Pennies ensemble that’s the epitome of a HIGH LOW look! We love the idea of mixing high end items with less expensive pieces because sometimes you just don’t have the bucks to spend on an entire high end style, or you need […]

Now on ULIVE*

Gals, I can’t even tell you what it means to me to have YOU along side us during this super special time for Polished for Pennies. WE HAVE BEEN MADE INTO A STYLE SERIES ON ULIVE.COM! I know, FREAKING OUT!! It’s all about the fun of fashion for us Gals with an appetite for style and […]

Gold Dippin’ and Droppin’

Whoop Whoop! We’re gold drippin’ and droppin’ this New Year’s Eve Gals! Now is the time to shine and let the worries drop with the ball at midnight! Embarking on a brand new year is exhilarating and exciting, and Colie is looking super polished and pumped in this sequin vintage top dripping with gold beaded […]

A Golden Gathering

Gals it’s so important for you to remember around the holiday season and really any season that your experience is what you make it. As they say, “life is but a dream. It’s what you make it.” Whether you live in a mansion, an apartment, a twin, or a dorm… You always have the option […]

Golden Encrusted*

  I’ve been dying to photograph this dress for so long! It’s a vintage beauty, being rocked by PolsihedC, that I picked up at JOMAR where they had a few “Estate Sale” racks. HOLY MOLY HEAVEN! Now, here’s what I love about vintage… The percentage of another person walking around in the same piece of vintage […]

Nouveau Noshing for Buck Bucks*

Entertaining in my mind should never feel like a chore, it should be something that’s enjoyed and even relaxing. So how do you make it easy on yourself? Go somewhere and get inspired! The other day I decided to stop off at a Dollarstore… I do this often. Why? Well for starters dollar stores are […]

Awesome Autumn Idea*

] I’ve been wanting to photograph this look for a while now and I think you can gather that me and Colie, my sister and photog, had a ball capturing autumn in all of it’s Oh La La-ness out back. This blazer was a total score from Jomar at $14.99. It was sold on one of […]