Peace, Love, & Music.


Simple, simple, simple things in life are the things that just make it a little easier on us. That’s why here at Polished for Pennies, we don’t expect life to be perfect. We don’t expect life to be simple, because sometimes it’s COMPLICATED. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s brutal. Sometimes it’s unfair. Sometimes it’s just a lot to handle on a single human being who is just trying to live the life they are proud of, but don’t quit. Don’t stop. Don’t stop seeing the beauty of uncomplicated things like throwing up your hands in a peace sign and feeling free. Throwing your arms around someone, anyone you love, and giving them a hug. Throwing up a ROCK ON during that power ballad in the car because you just want 4 minutes of escape. To feel normal again. To feel ALIVE.

Yeah, things can be totally complicated in this life, but don’t let the confusing, the messy, the wtf moments win over you.

Remember that simply… you’re still here and can and will now or in time… have peace, feel love, and hear beautiful music.



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