Peeking Orchid Pumps!

There’s something about an Orchid that seems a little mischievous. It’s personality acts like it’s so demure as it hangs it’s head pretending to play the background, but really it’s beauty can’t help but be in the foreground… just like you. 

With that said, this April in Orchid Tappin’ My Toe Tuesday, we found a beauty that has hidden trails of purple orchid tones that just so secretly are peeking through a print and piquing our interest for strappy spring heel!

These Mossimo strappies from Target are perfectly polished for spring and guess what… are now on SALE!! Just what we like… that’s Polished for Pennies! They were $30 but now are only $24! We love a penny purchase that speaks volumes and these heels will make you the forerunner of style at your next soiree!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.34.35 AM

Women’s Mossimo® Shari Ankle Strap Heels – Fawn: NOW ON SALE FOR $24 Target.com

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