Pick Em’ and Flip Em’

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I know there are MANY of you out there who get skeeved and grossed from thrift and second hand shops, or maybe you just prefer high-end department stores to score shoes worthy of celebs and debutants, but why limit yourself? I’m a HUGE thrift and discount retailer shopper for shoes and it’s because even though I’m not making big bucks to blow at Neiman’s, which maybe one day, but that doesn’t mean that right now I, WE,  can’t have expensive taste, knowledge for quality, and confidence that we can find luxury just about anywhere! AND, find it on pennies!

So, if your a little leery about the thrift shopping and discount retailer experience, let me make it easy for you. Here’s my Polished for Pennies trick for spotting quality shoes in a pile of pleather of plastic: PICK EM’ & FLIP EM’!

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PICK EM’: Let your eyes zone in on great quality. Look at the shoes you think look expensive, approach them, and I bet more than half the time you will be right! But remember your shopping thrift/discount, so those at one time unapproachable beauties in a higher-end retailer, are now ready for the picking on pennies! And, that way, by using that Golden Eye of yours… your not digging if you don’t want to. We call that “Shop for What Pops“. *Note: When I say “Looks Expensive”, I mean use your eyes like your hands. Follow their shape, recognize interesting details, labels, & admire. That may be getting deep for shoes, but us gals have a love affair with our footwear so you get it. Also, if you don’t know the designer…google it! No shame in education! Don’t over think this step, pick what speaks to you, you’ll know. The shoes that look lush, clean, and well made…Yup there the goods. When you do spot the ones you like and think have a great quality feel to them, look at their condition and then…

FLIP EM’: Now your looking for the ultimate give away to a penny worthy shoe… A homage to my homeland, the ultimate stamp of approval “Made in Italy” (I am Irish too. I have to say that or my dad gets mad lol) This stamp, “Vero Cuoio” authenticates the leather of the shoe of being a very high quality and all leather. It’s softer, durable, polished, and remember… Leather Lasts, pennies well spent.

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Too simple to spot quality shoes, you say? Well it is. All of us know those items at higher end retailers that we can’t even approach, because we know are way over the limit of our penny jars, this is the same concept. With that same eye and attitude switch up the location and approach, it’s just as easy to spot quality in a thrift store or discount retailer! If I can do it,  you can do it too! So get out there Polished Gal Pals, you know what your looking for… Just PICK EM’ and FLIP EM’!

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