*Polished Bronze

If there is one thing that makes me feel like a million bucks and should come free with a day or two at the beach, it’s a bronzed goddess tan! Let’s get real here, it makes you feel thinner, look healthier, and plays a mind trick on some of us that what hides behind, you know the rear view, doesn’t look as textured…if you catch my drift. We all have cellulite and imperfections that make us feel a little less confident at times and I’ve spent major bucks in the past trying to conceal those with a tint… until I found my favorite new product that contains my confidence in a wipe! It costs less than fake n’bake, leaves you worry-free about drips and streaks, and gives you a healthy coloring without the unwanted surprise of that “O Shhhh” moment! I know what you’re thinking… most likely it will be a sloppy mess and you’ll walk away looking like the unattractive and confusing feathered paint job in your grandma’s bathroom.  Not the case here!  They are called Tantowel Self Tan Towelette Packets and you can find them for under $20 at local beauty stores and some even cheaper online or on HSN! They’re super easy to use and will polish you like a bronze trophy in one step! I’ve tried it all when it comes to tanners, in every form. As a former NFL Cheerleader maintaining a tan was crucial and I can say these towels are a touchdown! … Try them out and let me know what you think…FYI: They are sold in colors by skin tone, don’t go for the darkest tan because you may think it will work better or quicker, because sometimes it can work the opposite. So stay true to your skin tone, wipe on some polish, and go out into the world confidence! -V

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