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Polished for Pennies is Philly Style Mag’s Best of Style! A Dream Comes True*

I was 16 years old when I wrote that letter above to John Colabelli, the publisher at Philadelphia Style Magazine. Take note of my email address, I’ve since retired it lol… But there I was, just a girl out of the Northeast part of Philadelphia with a permit, passion for fashion, and an itch for information. To be heard, to help, and to learn how to build a dream out of an idea. Out of an interest. Now, a little over ten years later, I’m a “fashion blogger”, creator of my own fashion blog, and featured in the pages of this summer’s “Best of Style” issue of Philadelphia Style Magazine! A magazine I only built daydreams around. I’m shaking my head in disbelief as I sit here even now and write this, because when I really think about it, it’s amazing that when there is a driver in your heart you’re not always sure of where it will take you, but then somehow you make it to your destination.

These are only the things people dream about but it happened to me. Everything happens for a reason. Everything fueling your journey happens for a reason, and there may not be a definite date of when your dreams come true, but let me be proof that dreams happen everyday. Thank you to Philadelphia Style Magazine for making this Northeast Philly Girl’s dream come true and filling me ever so much with more pride and purpose.

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