*Polished P.O.V

I have a favorite saying that says: “you make do with what you’ve got” and whether you come from a big family or small, money or middle class, row home or single, we are tested in life situations to utilize what is around us to make the best of what can be difficult circumstances.

The difficult circumstance I’m speaking about in today’s entry is space! First, you should know I have roommates (My sissies <3 Saying roommates makes me feel cooler) and I love them with all my heart, but I just want to have my own freaking space sometimes. Just to sit in awe of all the polished things I’ve collected through the years. That is all I want! Although I’m working hard to eventually get my own space, my current circumstance is what it is and I am grateful. Yet I can’t help but feel like Alice, in Alice in Wonderland, when she takes the “eat me” candy and her limbs bust through the house in every window and doorway. Yea, that’s how I feel sometimes when I get overwhelmed. And who wouldn’t? That’s a lot of emotion that goes through you when you feel suffocated in close quarters and in a way feel helpless and hopeless. Then moments later I would find myself slowly turning in a full 360 to examine the four corners of my space to figure out my next move. That feeling sucks. I’ve done that for the past 18 years or so. Rearranged my room a million times, and never stopped because the stuff keep growing. However, I’ve gotten lucky a couple of times when I finally shut up, quit my itchin’ 😉 and actually used my brain to solve the problem!! Here are a couple of ways I’ve Polished up my attitude and my living situation that cost just pennies and a polished point of view!

There is nothing worse than the twisted knots of necklaces in a jewelry box or dresser top, from three gals piling them on top of each other, after ripping them off from a night out. The piles just get bigger and eventually I know the only place I’ll end up is pissed off, dissecting link after link cross-eyed on the floor. But after a trip to Stein Mart, a couple years ago, a light bulb went off. I spotted a gold iron structure used for displaying decorative plates and decided they would be the devices to display my decorative neck wear. The great thing about these plate holders is that they are sturdy, fairly narrow so they don’t take up much room, and are perfect for holding the weight of a few necklaces in a creative way for a small space. Even better than that they were only $9.99 each! That’s storage for over 50 pieces that I got for 20 bucks! I made those suckers look like being a jewelry holder was the original intention of the blacksmith and man they look sweet! I installed them myself with a drill and it was extremely easy to do. ANYONE can do it! (College students double check with your RA because of the screws, if you need help with the idea let me know)

So use that Golden Eye and get on the Prowl Polished Gals! Small space or not your worth the Big pay off of a happy retreat environment and a display of all the purchases you work so hard to buy! Use that beautiful brain of yours and if you have any stories you’d like to share I’d love to hear them. Have a great one!! -V

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