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For the P4P Gal Pal, Fit is important! We say, don’t buy for the future… buy for the present! You want to feel good now, so don’t think of the size or the number in the dressing room or even your own closet that you want to be, think of the Zipfactor. Zipfactor is the Polished Principle that helps you find that something or other that fits you now, and so well, you’ll be strutting outside of the dressing room. Zipfactor is what sparks the urge to do your Happy Dance, because you’ve found a perfect fit and feel like a Million Bucks! A piece of clothing shouldn’t just fit; it should have a Confident Zip! *Take a tip from us, if you realize how beautiful you are now, and dress to accentuate your present self, your future self will be much happier and confident.

*Zipfactor also helps pieces look richer

As an expression, the “Zip” in Zipfactor just means a well-fitting item. With that said, Zipfactor is not only used to describe pieces with zippers, but every stylish item! From jackets, to dresses, and shirts and shoes… Zipfactor forces you to test any item for the fit that’s worth your pennies. It’s the feeling of comfort, confidence, fit and class zipped all in one.

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