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Gal Pals, there’s something so blissful about getting ready to put names and a date on your wedding invitation. The only word to describe this feeling is ”giddy.” Like the same feeling you’d get if you’ve ever practiced the spelling of your crushes’ last name in the back of your high-school notebook…

I can say I’ve practiced that name a few times. But here I am, ready to print my name and my fiance’s name, Matthew Schenk, on our wedding invitations, to set the date when we will become Mr. and Mrs.! No longer in a notebook but in reality in front of our amazing family and friends! It feels absolutely surreal!  So to make the dream of getting married to my best friend even more special, I’ve partnered with David’s Bridal to share our experience of selecting what will be the first impression of our wedding… our wedding invitations!

As I sat down at the computer to start the invitation selection process, I was very excited and a little overwhelmed. There’s so much you want your friends and your family to feel when they receive an invitation in the mail… “what texture do I want them to feel when they slip out of the envelope? Will I use an envelope? What’s my tone? Formal? Rustic? Modern? Colorful…?” The list goes on and on! Fortunately on Invitations by David’s Bridal website every invitation can be broken down into a category for each of these tones and even into details like flourishes and glitter. They have something for everyone, for every style, for every color scheme, and for every budget! Including invitations for just over fifty cents! So needless to say there are PLENTY of options. So I selected a few samples to be mailed to me, which any Gal can do. When I sat down with my Matt, we were able to sift through every style and see how we connected to the invitation that would be for us!

Each invitation really painted a picture for us before we chose the “one.” I selected the colors, the text, the language and the style for every invitation online, which made me feel like I was really putting a stamp on our style. So what was our style? To find it, I chose a few combinations of texts, styles, colors, and vibes to really figure that out! What was also really helpful was their Invitation Style Quiz! Which served as a fun way to get the process started of nailing down our style!

Below, on the “Glorious Monogram” invitation, you’ll see a monogram style that had an incredibly whimsical vibe. Just a fairy tale feeling. It was simple but it felt dreamlike, which made it a gorgeous contender… but was it the one?

The “Petite Birds of Bliss” invitation was also beautiful. Since birds, specifically cardinals, always remind me of my grandmother, I loved this option for this reason. It was special and we also loved the fact that it was under sixty cents! Even with a price under a dollar, the paper quality and the statement were still there. Add my sentiments behind the those love birds and this invitation felt priceless.

Keeping up with that same symbolism, the “Love is Tweet” invitation was darling. With its laser cut gates that opened to the details of our wedding, it felt interesting and almost interactive! As if someone was opening a window into our event. I loved this one… but still had many others on the table!

Like lovely bold florals on the their “Impressive Roses” invitation. Something popped on each side of this invitation; on the front there is a flower crown encasing the text and on the back a chic monogram with white dots. This invitation felt eclectic yet balanced. We  loved the introduction on this invitation too. “A friendship that was shared by two has grown into a love so true…” Pretty cool. It felt like every inch of this invitation was covered in style!

I also loved how Matt seemed to enjoy the floral options as much as I was pushing for them! 🙂 The “Vintage Botanical” invitation below was a really nice mix of polish and fluff with clustered flowers on the back…

…and more flowers and straight stripes on the front. It came in many seasonal colors, but there is something soft about this color combination and the text spoke to us.

Speaking of something that spoke for itself; Invitations by David’s Bridal has an array of watercolor options that look like hand painted invitations! So unique! This “Water Color Poppies” invitation was so elegant that I couldn’t help but envision us dancing. It caused a nice little day dream of what our day could be like.

Not only were we looking at invitations that were more traditional but we also wanted to explore our options outside of the box! Invitations by David’s Bridal has plenty! Like invitations that opened to greet our guests with scalloped edges

Invitations that unfolded, which could cut costs on envelopes!

And invitations that showcased their quality and eye for design and romantic detail, like their “Vintage Filigree” invitation. I just loved this combination of cream and vintage blue!

I wish I could say, “with so many options, choosing one was easy.” But it was not! However, the Invitations by David’s Bridal website allows you to customize your invitation for the perfect look ad perfect feel; this will put you at ease knowing that your invitation is in the pile! It will be exactly what you’re looking for. I can’t wait to show you which one we chose! But you’ll have to wait and see! <3

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