Printed Napkins Add Pop

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When we Shop for What Pops, not only do we use this principle for when we’re shopping for clothing, but we use it to also find perfect party elements for a table that will POP the eyes of your guests at your next soiree!

Like, gorgeous printed napkins on pennies! Popping off of the clearance rack at Marshalls, these beautiful printed Cynthia Rowley fabric napkins caught our eye. Packaged with a red sticker that said $3.00 for a set of 4, we just HAD TO HAVE THEM. And, lucky us, they had two sets on clearance, so for designer fabric napkins we basically paid a dollar for each. That’s just ridiculous! I mean really, knowing you can get designer dining accessories like this on pennies, is totally the way to feel confident and chic as you play hostess!

With so many ways to display them, whether in rings, in the glasses, or just folded neatly beside the plate… I decided to get even more creative! There’s this faux grass plant that I have in my office, where the grass is about a foot long per blade, so I decided to clip 6 blades of faux grass and use it to fasten each napkin. I also placed our silverware and a single white rose within each bundle before tying it up in a single pull.

The napkins were just the thing I needed to add print and interest to our table, and not to mention, my guests loved them! So the next time you’re looking to add POP to your table, try spotting the sale rack for a few printed napkins and you just might get lucky!

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