Happy Thanksgiving! Pumpkin POP-Em’s! (SPOILER ALERT PUMPKIN BUTTER FOR $2.29)

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Gal Pals! Are you looking for the ultimate hors’ devour to serve at your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving this holiday? Try this super simple snack with a few Polished for Pennies priced ingredients from Trader Joes! I bought a beautiful slice of Double Cream Brie for under $7. A jar of Pumpkin Butter for $2.29, and a box of toasts for under $5 and another box of Pumpkin Crackers for under $5 too! I broke the toasts in half to get more bang for my buck, sliced a nice cut of the brie cheese and layered it on top. I then dolloped the cheese with a drop of pumpkin butter! It’s sweet, salty, delicate and the perfect POP ’em for hosting your guests this holiday, or bringing it as an addition to your holiday dinner! Of course you can also use the pumpkin crackers for more layers of sweetness but to each’s own! Feel free to experiment with another jam, jelly, or even apple butter! Heck you could even do honey! Have fun with it!!

With that said, also make sure your display is on point to lay out your toast points! I used a cutting board, cute napkins, and cheese knives from Marshalls and a few leaves from my backyard. It’s rustic but gorgeous… and you don’t have to be perfect or rich to spoil your guests!

It doesn’t take much to have elegance at your fingertips …just a little creativity and an eye for Polished Potential! Yes… even in a grocery store!

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Gals and thank you for supporting Polished for Pennies for all these years! I’m so grateful to have you in my life… Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sending my love and thanks,


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