Roaring Resale Romper for the Weekend*

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Gals, there’s nothing I appreciate more than the satisfaction of purchasing someone else’s trash and making it my treasure. For example, I frequent a place called Jomar often, and they’re a place that sells a whole bunch of items from department store and QVC leftovers, to random furnishings to fabric, and more and more I’ve been seeing Estate sale items. Basically, “estate sale” items are just other peoples old clothes who don’t want them anymore. They can be new, old, or vintage old but I appreciate any rack like this because you just never know what people are throwing out! Like this romper I scored for $10 during one  of Jomar’s half off sales!

With some crazy Zipfactor in the back, leopard print, thick lining, and gold hardware on the neck it’s not your regular thin romper. It’s HEAVY WITH LUXURY! And it’s amazing how much we spend on thin flimsy rompers, when we could be digging for better quality in someone else trash. I mean not literally but this is why I NEVER neglect a resale piece because sometimes the quality for the value TRUMPS what you would find new.

I paired it with a vintage clutch and L.K. Bennett heels that I bought from TJ Maxx a while ago for a fraction of the cost at $99. That may not seem Polished for Pennies to you, but trust me, considering the $345 price retail the pennies were well spent on these nude pumps. They’ll go with everything!

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