Seal Date Night with a KISS



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As butterflies of anxiety and excitement fill your stomach with thoughts of Date Night approaching, don’t let them flutter and fluster your style! It’s so easy to let our nerves get the best of us for Date Night and instead of ending up relaxed and cool, we end up rushing around in a wreck trying to figure out what to wear! The good news is you already look great. If they’re the one, it doesn’t matter what you wear, but to make that perfect first impression, we’re going to seal the deal. For a sophisticated sexy date night look, we’re slapping your style with a KISS.

Killer Heels: Make sure they are heels you can walk in number one, but finding the right heel for your night is knowing where you’re going, and knowing what YOU like! This pair of heels should make you stand tall and fiercely show off a great pedicure. VERY VERY important.

Illuminant Skin: The tip here, let you shine! A little shimmer goes a long way on the lids and apples of the cheeks, also you can never go wrong with a shiny gloss. But try not to cover yourself up to much with makeup, we want to see you, just enhanced. Little here, little there but leave a lot of you.

Sexy Dress: Gals, one word… Zipfactor! We say it all the time, but there is nothing like a great dress to show off those assets and make you feel like a million bucks.  Find one that fits and does the talking. There is no way to over think a great dress, because when you put one on you know it. When it’s not right you know. Keep it simple ladies and let a dress speak for you.

Self Confidence: This my Gals is your best accessory. The objective to any date is to have fun. So open yourself up to the possibilities of a great time by starting with a great pov on yourself, your beauty, and all of the beautiful things you have to offer not only to a potential suitor but to this world! You look great when you feel great, so get out there and have a great date!

*Remember a lady never kisses and tells 😉 Good Luck Gals!


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